AMMAlogobrwnPatient Requirements for AMMA

1. Must have MRI within the last two years of affected area requiring treatment. (If no MRI is available Doctor will do consult and give patient prescription for MRI by appointment only. Consults are $50.00 and will be applied to first visit if patient returns).
2. Patients must NOT have any drug related convictions.
3. If currently in pain management (Patients must be able to provide contact information for previous doctors office for release of medical records).
4. Current Florida driver’s license or ID.
5. Pharmacy print out. Can be obtained easily from one’s pharmacy.
6. Patients must live within the tri-county area. Broward, Palm Beach or Dade county.

New patients can come in as walk-ins between 8:30 am and 12-noon Monday through Thursday.

Patient Fees
Pain Management (New Patient) – $200.00 (Includes Blood work, and Urine Analysis plus 1 hour examination by doctor, and any therapies ordered by the doctor).

Pain Management (Follow Up Visits) – $230.00 (Includes any Urine Analysis, examination with doctor, and therapies ordered by doctor).

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